Today PATHOLOGY has become an integral part of every hospital. RUNGTA CLINIC Institute of PATHOLOGY,ARA-understands the importance of the presence of a lab. A laboratory is a multi function unit in a hospital that is responsible for diagnosing and improving the health of patients. These labs are equipped with state of the art technology machines and tools to conduct varied clinical tests. Precision in diagnostics aids the doctors in their clinical protocols.

RUNGTA CLINIC Institute of PATHOLOGY is geared to offer clinical excellence and quality solutions to the patients. Laboratory services of RUNGTA CLINIC are a combination of reliability, efficacy and appropriate interpretation. The services are accredited by experts to ensure that the clinical staff are able to corroborate the results with clinical findings. With revolutionary Pathology services that are intrinsic to the examination and handling of multiple ailments, RUNGTA CLINIC strives for constant quality improvement.

RUNGTA CLINIC of PATHOLOGY one if the few centres to have a well developed blood bank with the latest technology for unit and component preparation. The Institute is also equipped with Aphaeresis Equipment and Technology to provide support to cancer patients. The Institute is further supported by a team of pathologists, laboratory technicians who exhibit exceptional support to diagnose infectious and cancerous diseases.